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Radar Lighting's photo collection activity has begun!

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Dear customers, Radar Lighting is launching the “Lighting Your Garden” Photo Collection Activity. Customers may redeem money rewards by submitting photographs with showing products from Radar Lighting.

Come and share with us your great shots!

Details of “Lighting Your Garden” Photo Collection Activity:

a. Gather before& after installation photos of the whole house or garden;

b. Gather installing Progress photo (Highlight our products installation).

c. Photos with all lights on/light-off (same angle).

● Activity 1: Photo Collection Activity                                                                        ● Activity 2: Collection of set of pictures

 $20 per set of pictures, max $100, desired picture (c)                                                $200 per set of pictures, desired picture (a+b+c)

Welcome to contact us to get more activity information.

Rules and Conditions of Photo Collection Activity:

○ High-definition, gorgeous images are necessary.

○ Radar Lighting has the full rights to determine whether to accept the submitted photos as qualified entries

○ Radar Lighting items must be shown in the images.

○ All submitted photos should be in digital JPEG, JPG or PNG format. Files in raw or tiff format will not be accepted.

Example of turning on all lights

Pathway LightOutdoor Landscape lighting








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