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Radar lighting meet all your outdoor landscape lighting needs.


> Cast brass
> Moisture protection
> Easy bulb replacement
> Lighting angle can be adjusted


> Cast brass
> moisture protection
> Easy to replace bulbs
> Light pole height is optional


> Stainless steel
> 120V AC input voltage
> TOROID core
> Suit for halogen and LED


> Aluminum
> Quick heat dissipation
> High life
> High CRI


Radar lighting strictly adopts the international standard quality management system ISO9001. 
In addition, all products, such as antique brass light fixtures and bronze low voltage landscape lighting, have passed CE, ETL, RoHS certification.



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Radar Lighting is a company based on China's production advantages and fast, accurate, cost-saving and convenient logistics services.

High Quality

The purpose of Radar Lighting is to reduce customers' operating costs and provide high-quality products.

Good Service

We promise to give you the fastest delivery speed, the cheapest price, the best quality products and the most perfect after-sales service.

OEM Service

If you have ideas for new products, we can provide you with OEM services and exclusive products.

Professional Sales

If you can't find the product you need on our website, please contact our sales staff. They will give you professional advice.


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